Original Orion Choco Pie

Originals Initiate.

Others Imitate.

The Original sets the benchmark for others to follow. Being original is a matter of great pride and Orion Choco Pie, the Original Choco Pie, is no different. Introduced to the world in 1974, it has been adding delicacies to the lives of many.

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Taste so Rich
It's Hard to Resist

Taste so Rich

It's Hard to Resist

Moist and soft biscuts, coated with rich Chocolate and filled with Snowy Creamy Marshmallow, Orion Choco Pie melts in your mouth instantly and is a delight to your sweet tooth.

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Orion Choco Pie_ Hard to resist Orion Choco Pie_ Hard to resist
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Global Product Range

Orion was founded in 1956 when the company's founder and chairman, Mr. Lee Yang-gu, took over Pungkook Confectionery. Since then, the company has led the country's confectionery market with popular products like Poca Chips, Choco Pie, Kkobuk Chip, Market O, Dr. You, etc.

We are The Originals

Since 1956

Originality Overall.
Orion - a global conglomerate, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, started its operation in 1956. We have been leading the world confectionary industry for 63 years by offering our customers quality products and will strive to create a unique and great brand value proposition for all customers in future too. We are committed to winning and keeping the trust of our customers by adhering to the principles and standards of ethical management at all times.

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  • Orion_ History_We are the Originals since 1956
  • Our History

    Marking its 63rd anniversary, Orion has grown into a full-service food company beyond just the confectionery industry, and it will expand its business area in 2019 targeting the global market.

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  • Orion Global
  • Orion Global

    Since its inception, Orion has grown from strength to strength. Available in 8 different food categories, we have our presence in 60 countries across the globe. Furthermore, we have got a stronger hold in China as we are the 2nd leading confectionery company in Chinese market.

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  • Orion India
  • Orion India

    From inventing Zero to introducing Yoga to the whole world, India has always been known as the 'Land of Originals'. India loves to embrace The Originals and with Orion, it will be the same. Orion Choco Pie, the Original Choco Pie, has come to India to stir the taste buds of every Indian.

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